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Sewa Kamera Lensa Bali

Speakers Multimedia Stereo USB Edifer R19U


/24 Jam

☑Mini 2.0 laptop speakers
☑Rambler micro desktop 2.0 system leading work
☑USB and AUX are two access modes
☑A variety of harmonious material composition, stable and fashion
☑Texture front adjustment knob, control at will

●Track: 2.0
●Theoretical power :2 x2W
●Signal to noise ratio: ≧ 85 dba
●Sensitivity :AUX: 500±50mV; USB: 650 + 50 MFS
●Frequency response range :R/L: 150HZ-20khz
●Speaker control: knob bass adjustment: not supported
●Cable control: not supported
●Interface :AUX, USB
●Power supply :USB
Main box size: 83×174×140 mm;
Box size: 83×174×133 mm
●Weight: 1.23 Kg